The surroundings

Aytré, city next to La Rochelle.

Aytré is a city next to La Rochelle. His history demonstrates a very long time territorial occupation. Moreover, during the Great Siege of La Rochelle in 1627, Louis XIII used to live either in Aytre or a place named Laleu.
This is due to the presence of Richelieu at the farm located just in front of our campsite, a large house where poor people escaped from La Rochelle used to be tortured.
According to some legends, the center is also still full of tunnels that would link La Rochelle (round four sergeants) and Angoulins (farm Richelieu).
Step by step, the city will be settled by Saulnier, who will move the following small, oyster farmers and by the workers, especially those of the railways.
Aytré range (3 km long) . Indeed the natural cove has always gathered a fine sand. Unlike the beaches of the city center that are artificial, with sand imported from the island of Ré.

It proximity to the center of La Rochelle, Aytré is a special place for housing thus avoiding the drawbacks of the big city to enjoy the spirit of neighborhood still present.La city is thus transformed into a dormitory.

Places Aytré horse instead of the position, the church and at Alstom (TGV and trams) which sometimes offers its doors to visitors.

La Rochelle, an exceptional city

La Rochelle is a city of 100 000 inhabitants with its agglomeration. Its name comes from rupella (the small rock in Latin), because the city was created on a rocky part.

For many years, the city was accessible only by sea, which partly explains its poor road. Because of this characteristic, it has some maritime trade.
Today we stay with the English, the next day with the French. The owners have made La Rochelle rich and prosperous. The kings of France, then decided to right the wrongs of this beautiful Protestant city. Beautiful and rebellious, but French.

This is just a summary of simplistic. But it is a possible approach to understand the full historical significance of the city,with a lot of restaurants and bars.
The city is indeed intact, the old town has kept its streets narrow in the past and has many buildings interesting. Just even to visit a museum. Let yourself be carried away in the soft flattery of a ride day and night.

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Points of interest in the area

Island of Ré

The island of Ré, whose reputation is well established, is a long island, about 30 km. She has maintained a high degree of authenticity of its villages and infrastructure. Whether it be its oyster farms, fish locks of his or its salt marshes.
Although the bridge removed some of its island charm, we always find the visions of yesteryear. If only the color components. The municipalities also ensure not to build on the coast of infamous buildings, they rely on characteristics of small houses.

The best way to travel is by bicycle. Walking the bridge to the lighthouse whales without any problems while visiting the villages.





The beaches also have some travel site, if we forget about the crowd towels. It is often difficult to find a place to lay out.


Island of Aix

The island of Aix is probably the less known islands of our coast. But this miniature piece of land is not the most boring.
Less than two hours, is carried around the island on foot without being disturbed by cars. These lines are prohibited. Only two or three emergency vehicles driving by.

We discover many beaches, cliffs, coves, pine forests and Napoleonic forts. At every step we are left bewildered in such a small space. Especially since the view is nice.

Do not forget, of course, stunning views of Fort Boyard, well known in recent years.

By accessing it by boat from La Rochelle or tray from oven, you had a great day on the island of Aix.


Rochefort is a fishing town which is excellence. His story is very oriented shipbuilding. She has seen many frigates and other royal buildings in the heyday.
The royal rope is the witness of its past alive. Not to mention the current re-construction of the great tourist attraction and Hermione real test of patience for a handful of a brave man.


To visit

To visit the park from the city center of La Rochelle, walks by the sea, freshwater marshes, Sanlés. The Palmyre zoo, the val Saintonge, the cellars of Cognac, Brouage, the Maritime Museum and Aquarium La Rochelle ESSENTIAL … impossible to be exhaustive in our region that can be explored on many months of research.