General terms and conditions

Reservations for mobile homes are made according to the current rates, with a payment of 25% of the total stay as a deposit + administration fees (16 €).
Pitch reservations are made with a one-time deposit of 70 € (54 € deposit and 16 € for administrative costs).

1-The names and dates of birth of all persons who will occupy the mobile home or the pitch must be specified.
Important ! Any request for rental made by a minor or including minors not accompanied by their legal representative will not be accepted.

2 – Specify exactly the date of your arrival and departure.

3 – On the day of departure, the pitch must be vacated by 12 noon at the latest, the mobile homes by 10 am.

4 – Please inform us of any delay in your arrival in order to keep your rental.

5 – The rental is personal. It is forbidden to transfer or sublet to a third party.

6 – If several families have to stay together, it is essential to make a rental request for each family.

7- Any particular request concerning the stay must be made at the latest at the time of the reservation and the payment of the deposit. However, the Management cannot guarantee the allocation of a specific accommodation.

8 – In case of cancellation, no deposit will be refunded. It is your responsibility to take out cancellation insurance.

9 – If you are more than 36 hours late without our services having been notified, the contract will be cancelled and the deposit will be kept as a first damages.

10 – You will be asked to pay the balance of your stay on arrival at the latest as well as a deposit of 250 euros for the rental of a mobile home, which will be returned on departure (between 8 am and 10 am in July and August, before 10 am in low season) once your accommodation has been checked.

11 – Children’s club: the activities we offer to children over four years old are free of charge (subject to availability). The activity leaders may refuse access to the Club to families who have not respected the schedules or whose child could cause a disturbance to the smooth running of this service.

12 – The safety of children in the park is the sole responsibility of their parents or legal guardians, particularly in the vicinity of the water parks and recreational areas.

13 – For access to the campsite and activities, you will be given a permanent bracelet (July and August) to wear for the duration of your stay. If you do not wear this bracelet, you will be refused access.

14 – Pets: Pets are allowed, but the management reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the number or species of pets seems to be contrary to the good life in the campsite. The many pleasures of camping life largely compensate for the slight inconveniences of the open air. Insects and other “small animals” are part of this vacation formula. The Management is not responsible for their movements in the campsite.
15- The Management reserves the right to suspend certain services without notice.

16- The Management will put an immediate end to the stay without indemnity or compensation in case of non respect of the internal rules; infringement of the rules of good neighborliness, incivilities and any other fact likely to harm the harmony within the campsite.

17- Within 48 hours (except Christmas vacations), a confirmation of your reservation will be returned to you by mail or post after registration, subject to availability and validity of your payment.

18- It is your responsibility to subscribe to a compulsory civil insurance.

19- If you do not cancel your stay, even if you have not taken out cancellation insurance, the campsite has the right to ask you for the balance of your contractually reserved stay. All cancellations must be made by phone and by registered mail.

20- For all internet and credit card reservations, the general terms and conditions of sale are valid as a contract, and will be considered as accepted without any return from you.